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Show Notes

Kodak brought photography to the masses, scientists are working with nanotechnology to help fix spinal injuries, the Canadian government is paying queer employees back for wrongdoings from the past, and a cockatoo does good dance moves.

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The History of Kodak

Zuckerberg in Congress. “Smiling”.

University of Michigan Researchers Develop Nanotech “Epi-Pen”

Mars Bars Never Had Peanuts

Metric Prefixes

Further Reading: The Case Against Perfection

Canadian Government Compensates Queer Government Workers for Discrimination

United Nations Concerns Regarding Canada’s Indigenous Communities

Bizarre Borders 1 2

Dancing Cockatoo

Further Reading: Animal Liberation

Best Headline of the Week

Please Don’t Use A Case Of Beer As A Toddler Car Seat: Ontario Cops

Satirical News Articles

5. Leave Means Leave, Says Boris Johnson’s Girlfriend
4. Paul Ryan Lauded for Inspiring Millions of Young Gutless Fucking Cowards to Take On Leadership Roles
3. Study Find Cycling Healthiest Way to Get Hit By a Car
2. I Don’t Care What UK Ambassador Thinks About Me Says Dick Who Won’t Shut Up About It
1. Trump Honors Brave Heroes Who Slept With Wives of Deployed Soldiers