Cover Image of Catastrophes Notwithstanding Episode 5

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Show Notes

A newly developed fibre that behaves like the best parts of metal and elastics, robotic limbs that don’t require brain implants, and the threat of a dolphin uprising. Oh dear.

Editor’s Note: there appear to have been a few issues with the recording starting in the final quarter of the episode, so there are some weird skips and jumps. Sorry.

New Material Developed as Flexible as Elastic but as Tough as Steel

Boston Dynamics Robots

The One Where Harrison Ford Holds a Gun and Mumbles the whole movie

Video for the Elastic Steel

Non-Invasive Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

Hot Dog Ketchup Video

Simone Gietch’s Truckla

Cetaceans Freed from Captivity

Japanese Bees / Wasps

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