Cover Image of Catastrophes Notwithstanding Episode 26

Show Notes

Bambi brings the news of a blockage at the Regina zoo airport, the United States pulling out, the RCMP having a racism problem, the stock market having it rough, and Edmonton’s solution to homelessness. This week’s good news is that Fennec Foxes are going to kill us all, directly or otherwise, but is that really so wrong?

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A Fluffle of Rabbits Blockades the Regina Airport

Pygmy Rabbit

United States to Pull Out of Afghanistan

The RCMP Has Racists but They’re… Working on it?

The Stock Market is Doing Poorly and Coronavirus is to Blame

VIDEO Edmonton Works on Solving Homelessness

Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Fennec Foxes

Scout the Loud Fennec Fox

Ogre-Faced Spider

Satirical Articles

Men scramble to find a personality after CDC suggests shaving beard to stop coronavirus

‘I Like This Candidate Now And Will Vote For Him,’ Says Area Man After Having To Watch 12th Bloomberg Ad In Single Day

I Have as Much Right as the B-52’s to Sing Loudly in Public About My Homemade Fuck-Shed