Cover Image of Catastrophes Notwithstanding Episode 23

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Show Notes

Arthur, Adair, and Bambi come together to discuss the good news of the week. Arthur is excited that the European Union is telling Apple to Fuck Off, Adair is excited that a shower of dead robots didn’t end the planet, and Bambi is stoked about a successful phone call by a person from Texas.

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Apple is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Map of Power Outlet Types

Good news — satellites on potential collision course missed each other

Graveyard Orbit

Occultae Veritatus Podcast

Basking Shark

Teenager having seizure saved by gamer 5,000 miles away

Desktop Goose

Satirical Articles

Major group project hangs in balance as student calls in sick with “Corona® virus.” – The Projector

El Chapo Outraged That His Trial Included Witnesses – The New Yorker

Nation’s serial killers offended by how sexualized they are in film and television – The Beaverton

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