Cover Image of Catastrophes Notwithstanding Episode 22

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Show Notes

Bambi, Arthur, Hiraen, and Adair have come together to talk about the week’s good news. Adair presents the fabricated voice of a long-dead Egyptian priest, Hiraen tells about the ancient Roman whose brain was turned into glass during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and Bambi shares the episode of The Nature of Things featuring a nearly-perfectly preserved Borealopelta. After discussing this week’s satirical articles, Arthur brings to the table a state enacting policies that are long obsolete. Everyone is very critical of people who try to stigmatize sex and sexuality.

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The Mummy Speaks! Hear Sounds From the Voice of an Ancient Egyptian Priest – New York Times

The Utterance Robot

Mount Vesuvius eruption: Extreme heat ‘turned man’s brain to glass’ — BBC News

What is the Ring of Fire?

The Nature of Things: Dinosaur Cold Case — CBC

No, you don’t get to see Bambi’s notes

Spielberg Posing with ‘Dead’ Triceratops

Skeleton Smash GIF

Utah governor halts free condom program over ‘use of sexual innuendo’ – The Hill

Satirical Articles

Trump Defense Team Scrambling to Find Example of Law Trump Did Not Break — The New Yorker

Man Tuning Guitar Also Scoring True Crime Podcast — The Hard Times

Is America Ready for Legalized Shrooms? This Psychologist Made of Bees Says “Yes” — The Hard Times